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Championship - Teflon Series Cloth
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Championship Teflon Felt Pool Table Cloth for your BQB Recover Our Best Value - Championship Cloth

Offers our best value in 
Teflon Cloth Color Selection

Brunswick Premium Cloth Recover from Best Quality Billiards
Brunswick Cloth - Premium Choice
premium choice
Centennial Stain-Resistant Cloth
Simonis Worsted Cloth at Best Quality Billiards
Simonis Cloth - Premium Choice
Premium Choice

Worsted Cloth Selection

Pool Table Recover Choices When You Move

Denver's Complete 
Pool Table Services Company

denver pool table service recover company is Best Quality Billiards

Not many of our competitors can say " In addition to our professional mobile services, we have invested in a complete in-house pool table service facility"

We recover and move all  3piece slate tables. Our services include: AMF, Antique Tables, Brunswick Billiards, Connelly, Olhausen, World of Leisure, Legacy, Kasson, A.E. Schmidt, Tri-Star, PresidentialMurrey, Gandy, C.L. Bailey, Vitale Billiards and Fusion Tables

We never use subcontractors in your home!
All on site Pool Table Services & Moving are performed by Best Quality Billiards trained technicians with professional equipment.

"Thank You" ~ For Letting Us In Your Home.

     We Stock Your 
           Pool Table 
              Cloth Recover

Pool table cloth and leather pockets at BQB

Billiards Table Cloth SelectionCloth Recover  CHOICES

Billiard's Green is a great color if that's the cloth you want.

We want you to know you have a versatile & varied choice in your Pool Table Cloth Selection. 

We stock  several brands of cloth with color selections that everyone else "must order".

Having a problem deciding  on the cloth/ felt color?

Many of our cloth recover, service customers drop by for a free cloth color sample. It's the little things that make Best Quality Billiards ~ Denver's Complete Sales and Service Pool Table Company!

Pool Table Services

Best Quality Billiards Offers:

  • Complete Pool Table  Set-up
  • Precise Leveling
  • Service and move  3 Piece Slate tables
  • Cloth Felt Pool Table Recover
  • Cloth Selection... that's right we stock the cloth everyone else has to order with 26 cloth felt color choices in stock. Since we stock the cloth we use to recover your table, many customers drop by for a free color sample. 
  • Our cloth felt choices include upgrades to Teflon Protected Weaved Cloth
  • Rail Cushion Repair/Replacement
  • Rail Cushion Recover
  • Table move, repair & recover
  • Pocket replacement... with several styles to choose from or we can special order for particular Billiard tables
  • Our Service Department includes the hard to get replacement parts & miscellaneous repairs
  • Pool Table Service for greater Denver and the state of Colorado
  • Confused?  Call us to find out all the information detailing your choices in pool table felt, installation times,  & the playing differences of each make and brand of pool table cloth we offer.
Pool Cue Service
  • We professionally retip pool cues at our facilities
  • Replace leather tips with many styles and hardness
  • Kamui Tips, Moore Tips, Tiger Tips, Sniper Tips and a variety of Leather Layer cue tips and Press-on tips
  • Select pool cue repairs available
  • Clean and groom shafts  

Moving??? We can help you move your pool table across the room, the Denver Metro Area or across Colorado.            

Trust all of your pool table needs to the oldest store in Denver - Best Quality Billiards


Complete Billiard Cue & Pool Cue Tip Repair at Best Quality Billiards

Billiards Service

we stock pool table cloth  for moves repair & recover  in Denver


Pool table service rail cushion repair from Best Quality Billiards

Moving Your Pool Table?

Moving your own pool table and equipment may sound like a great way to save money, but several considerations should be made. Obviously, billiard tables are incredibly heavy, unwieldy, and easy to damage. It’s a pain just to move one to another room, let alone to put it on a truck and move it across town.

Additional thoughts to the move? Perhaps it is time to recover with new cloth, change the color to the new room design and do you need to upgrade  or repair and recover your rails?

Pool tables are  made to be staionary and difficult to take apart, usually a necessity in moving one. Special equipment—at the very least a large truck,  a dolly/hand truck, furniture blankets —and assistance is also needed to move the huge pool table anywhere.

Ultimately, hiring a professional will save you time, money and possibly keep you from breaking your back. Plus return the table to the tables best playable setup.

Contact Best Quality Billiards for professional pool table moving services .

Don't forget there are  best time options to your table move. Ask us  about our costs to do a few tuneups, complete recover and rail cushion updates while we have your table apart for the move.

We will get your table to its destination without damage and setup your pool table to the demanding specifications you wish to play on with who knows perhaps changing to a new color scheme  will add new life in the game room. 

Give our pool table service department a call today!

Pool Table Service -We move, recover & repair!
Best Quality Billiards Professional Pool Table Movers and Pool Table Services
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