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Denver pool table service  chart

Billiards Room Size Chart

What's a playfield & how do I know a billiards table is the right size for my room?

The "Playfield Surface" of a pool table are the inner two measurements (length and width).

We measure from the rail point to the opposite rail point. When calling regarding your service call to Best Quality Billiards for a cloth recover, or rail cushion repair, grab a tape measure and let us know your playfield surface.

Wondering what your minimum Room Size is to place a pool table comfortably inside it?   
( see the chart below for your room estimate)

The minimum room size for a table using a "Standard Pool Cue"
- The Standard Cue is 57 to 58 inches long.

Alternately, for those tighter spaces, immovable objects, and smaller rooms we can customize pool cues to 52" & 48 " to  accommodate shorter lengths to play.

Table Room Sizer

Room sizer for a pool table
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Measuring the Playfield of a Pool Table (Playing Surface)

All you need is a tape measure.

Take just 2 measurements
(Length and Width)

Measure from the  inner Rail Point to opposite  inner Rail Point

Playfield of a pool table
Rail Point of Billiards Table
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